Monday, September 28, 2009

Generosity of God's people on display ...

On Sept. 20th, 5 protestant chapels on military bases in Stuttgart, Germany gave offerings designated to Portion for Orphans. This was a fundraiser specifically to help cover the 2010 medical expenses of New Life Orphanages in Kenya. On average, this medical orphanage incurs average annual medical expenses totaling approximately $25,000. New Life takes in children who are on the brink of survival, children who have been abandoned in fields, trash cans and hospitals, children that other centers cannot or will not take in. Many arrive HIV+, but with proper care and medical attention, more than 90% become HIV- within the first 2 1/2 years of life. New Life has taken in more than 1090 babies, more than 800 have been adopted. They have 7 homes around Kenya where the children who are not adopted grow up. New Life is founded by founded by UK missionaries and is a registered non-profit in the US as well as the UK. 

I'm thrilled to announce that the total given on Sept. 20th was $13,729.43. 

Because of these offerings, along with 2 VBS fundraisers over the summer and other donations that have come in from individual donors, PFO will be able to make a Christmas gift to New Life that will cover their 2010 medical expenses. That is awesome! God is really moving on behalf of His children and you all are responding SO generously! There are lots of pictures and video on previous posts from my recent trip to New Life. 

As you can see, PFO partners with orphanages that are doing an exceptional job caring for children. Our vision is to help expand their work.  
Hu Jian Lun is just over 1 year old. I met this cute little guy at New Hope Foundation this summer. Due to his cleft lip and pallet, he had a feeding tube and arm braces to prevent him from pulling the tube out. PFO donors funded his $650 cleft pallet surgery. It costs a little more than before because we are working with a different organization and they must send the children as well as a nanny via train to the Operation Smile clinic. Our funds cover the cost of transportation for baby and nanny, as well as a hotel and food for the remainder of the child's stay in the hospital. In Hu Jian Lu's case, he went to the hospital 3 times for this surgery. Unfortunately, Operation Smile kept returning him due to various issues preventing him from having surgery. After a lengthy time in hospital, he has just returned 'home' a healthy baby with a beautiful new smile! Thank you all for helping take care of these babies. :) 

Here is Hu Jian Lun before and after his recent cleft lip surgery! What a way to show God's love. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Thailand ... Unbelievably beautiful country and people! Casey and I had a wonderful and fruitful time visiting with the Australian Directors of Mercy International, who've started 3 orphanages across Northern Thailand. Overall, Mercy looks after more than 150 children, each of whom have their very own unique story.  

Here are some pictures of us with the kids... 
Prayer Requests ... Please pray with us for opportunities to fundraise for Thailand, for a covered play area and hopefully a new home for the kids in Khon Kaen, who against the odds are growing up healthy and in need of more space. Also, on Sept. 20th, 5 Protestant Congregations in Germany will take a designated offering for PFO, 100% will help cover the 2010 medical expenses for New Life Kenya.