Monday, August 24, 2009

Safe and smooth arrival ... Casey and I spent the afternoon and evening at the first Mercy Orphanage yesterday. It's a home for 40 precious kids that are HIV+. My favorite part of the evening was after dinner when all the kids gathered around for a devotional. They do this each night and a different caregiver teaches them something from the Bible. The older boys are learning guitar and they led the group in a few worship songs, ones you would know but in the Thai language. It was very neat to see all the children worshiping so wholeheartdely and respectfully. PFO donors have enabled us to provide $15,000 of support for these chidlren in the last year and a half. These funds help provide school uniforms and supplies as well as nutritional meals. I'll post pictures when I'm able, for now we are heading out to the next center a few hours West of here towards Chiang Mai. We'll be visiting with the founders concerning current needs and future projects we can help support. Please be praying for the Mercy kids and John Kay as he is in China.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Off to Thailand...

Heading out this afternoon for Thailand! Casey and I have a few weeks of vacation and decided to spend the 1st week visiting the 3 Mercy Homes across Northern Thailand. :) 

We fly first to Khon Kaen, NorthEast Thailand. In the last year, PFO partners have made it possible to give more than $15,000 to help support the 39 children at this home. They are precious and I am so excited to see them and to visit with the directors. We then head to central Thailand to the main center and then up near Chiang Mai. If internet access is available I'll keep you posted as we go. You all have done so much for these children!

Please pray for safety, strengthened relationships with the directors, and vision for future support and ministry in Thailand.  
 Here's Nok and Pam in their little beds. :) 
 The whole group in Khon Kaen.